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  • UC-IHO


    United Cultures International Health Organization

    United Cultures International Health Organization will work with different Health Organizations. They will deal with different projects on health care in member states and regions, set up hospitals, laboratories, and clinics worldwide.
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    United Cultures International Court of Cultural Justice

    The establishment of the United Cultures International Court of Cultural Justice in cooperation with human rights lawyers and judges will develop a cultural justice system to give a new perspective to justice created in the past century.

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  • UC-SC


    United Cultures Security Council

    United Cultures Security Council will be a cultural mediator in cultural conflicts. They will organize congresses with its 269 member states and 1000+ cultures to develop different security structures to assure that cultures will be protected in member states and regions. In this way, all cultures will be able to live in harmony and connect without being afraid of each other.

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    United Cultures Economic Resources Investments Bank

    United Cultures Economic Resources Investment Bank will establish a financial institution in collaboration with governments, banks, and cultural interests.
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  • UC-FPP 


    United Cultures Federation Political Parties

    United Cultures Federation Political Parties will act as our lobbyist in each member state and region. They will be set up by culture representatives to support new initiatives to reach our goals in member states or regions and to ensure that the United Cultures Federation Political Parties is supported by governments and corporations. They will act as the bridge between cultures in member states supported by corporations.

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  • UC-ISP


    United Cultures International Scientific Platform

    United Cultures International Scientific Platform will be used for further knowledge of different cultures to share formal, empirical and social science in every field.

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  • UC-SI


    United Cultures Social Infrastructures

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At United Cultures we believe that knowledge is a human right. We also believe in the transformative power of experiential learning using augmented or virtual reality education solutions. These solutions actively engage learners resulting in faster learning, better retention, and improved decision making.

Budgets are shrinking, class sizes are increasing, and the amount of knowledge students need to absorb grows every day. There is a need to put into action new learning solutions that enable teachers teach more with less – time, money, and experience. The business world is prioritizing creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving making traditional methods of teaching, such as rote memorization, no longer sufficient to teach students, especially with the availability of information online.

Students today are bombarded with distractions which are much more appealing that classwork. We need a learning system that is scalable and wildly entertaining so we can awaken a student’s curiosity for learning and make learning addictive.Because of the sensory and experiential of VR and AR, learners of all three modalities – kinesthetic, visual, and auditory – benefit from Augmented and Virtual Reality education and achieve faster learning while developing higher level cognitive skills.

Augmented and Virtual Reality education solutions empower students to learn-by-doing by directly engaging with their subject matter through immersive interactive experiences. Learning transitions from traditional memorization giving students the ability to apply, analyze, evaluate their knowledge improving creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.These Augmented and Virtual Reality education solutions and lessons create an environment in which students are actively participating in their learning material and are incentivized through gamification as well as assessment.