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Cultural Government

The cultural government will be the administrative body for all cultures. Different member states and representatives have already expressed their commitment to the United Cultures. The cultural government will further be developed with various embassies, universities, cultural institutions and representatives of different cultures, top artists, organizations, companies, NGO’s etc.

The structure of the United Cultures as a Cultural Government is modeled similarly to the United Nations, structure. The United Cultures has the same objectives as the United Nations, but achieves them in a different way. Various contacts, member states, and representatives have already expressed their commitment to United Cultures.

The cultural government:

  • Serves as a support platform by disseminating, sharing and supporting: arts, culture, and education. This is accomplished using economical and sustainable initiatives by international communities.
  • Serves as an international (digital) network with portals for sharing knowledge and proven practices in the arts and culture. It delivers educational, economical and sustainable projects aligned with the mission and goals of United Cultures.
  • Provides a forum for organizations, companies, universities, governments, educational institutions, NGO’s, representatives from various disciplines of arts, cultures, and individuals.
  • Organizes exclusive international network meetings intended for directors and members of cultural and creative industries.
  • Organizes international art and cultural festivals for the general public.
  • Aligns worldwide companies to cooperate with governments and international cultural organizations.
  • Organizes international conferences aligned with the goals, the mission and the vision of the United Cultures.

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