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Members and partners of the United Cultures have to commit themselves to the following principles:

1.    Using diplomacy to avoid conflicts that lead to wars.
2.    Allowing religious diversity and promoting interfaith dialogues.
3.    Promoting sustainable food and farming and eventually supplying.
4.    Commemorating national and international wars.
5.    Taking responsible action for the protection and production of clean water.
6.    Critical look at producing and application of medicines for humans and animals.
7.    Basic education by offering support to anyone with educational disadvantage.
8.    Protection of biodiversity in unique habitats.
9.    Protection of the cultural heritage of countries and regions.
10.  Promoting legal protection for the individual, the cultures and the dissenters.
11.  Providing knowledge and information of cultures within its borders.
12.  Freedom of writing adversity of cultures within its borders.
13.  Respect journalistic and press freedom.
14.  Offering help in emergency situations to affected regions.
15.  Promote awareness of local products and dishes.
16.  Making science & education accessible for everyone for whom the thresholds of traditional universities are too high.
17.  Independent Justice System.
18.  Combat corruption in country or region.
19.  Independent medical scientific research.
20.  Providing basic Internet and telephony for everybody in country or region.
21.  Basic health care for everybody in country or region.
22.  Not protect war criminals in country or region.
23.  Support for the abolition of diplomatic immunity.
24.  Protect all animals in your country and region.
25.  Project the nature in your country and region.

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