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Membership Treaty

Approvals and support are now primarily different governments and organizations that are willing to help and pay memberships (treaties) which will contribute and help the United Cultures foundation to build a cultural government. These member states and organizations support the United Cultures its aims to contribute to world peace.

Eventually, approvals, support, and cooperation of the memberships will be converted into United Cultures treaties. These treaties are contracts signed by member states and cultures to assist cultures within their territory.

  • The United Cultures treaties will consist of the following seven pillars:
  • Provide information regarding cultures, for cultural as well as economic development.
  • Recognition of the International Court of Justice cultural affairs and persons when cultures facing conflicts with each other or where wars are being prepared against minorities.
  • The United Cultures Security operates as a mediator for staff with cultural conflicts between member states.
  • Provides international health care.
  • Investing in the United Cultures Cultural Economic Investment Bank (UC- CEIB) in order to develop economical projects for the different cultures and their member states.
  • Supporting the United Cultures political party federation.
  • The United Cultures Scientific Platform.

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