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United Cultures Foundation A lot of volunteers with different backgrounds have been working several years on the development of the United Cultures to create an organization that has the purpose to bring all cultures together and to live in peace with each other. Currently, we have dedicated volunteers to make the United Cultures to a success. In the next five years, the United Cultures will work with a lot of volunteers worldwide to support 1000 + cultures in 269 member states and regions. The United Cultures has the aim to develop economic projects with different cultures for their country or regions to encourage economic grow. (This will generate work for a lot of cultures worldwide). Many volunteers have supported founder over the years in developing and planning the United Cultures.

Since 2015 it has become a foundation and companies are focused on the mutual goal to create a cultural government / a cultural society that has the aim to bring cultural misunderstanding to light and solve them. We aim to support cultures worldwide, unhindered by national borders to achieve its ideals. The United Cultures Foundation will guard its ideas, projects and will construct a structure of companies, foundations, and associations until we reach our goal. With all our heart we wish to build a world of peace by creating the United Cultures and we hope to achieve this together…! Join us

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