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In the United Cultures treaties must be signed by countries to assist to cultures within their territory.

The United Cultures Treaties points will consist of the following seven pillars:

  • Support (UC-CC ) United Cultures City Center  In 2019, the first United Cultures city will built. For the next 15 years, from 2019, 2023 and 2028 be the head office of United Cultures located in the United Cultures built cities. In the United Cultures city ministers of culture will come together. They are the United Cultures Council. All the ministers of culture will represent their country or region and give attention to cultural issues in the country or region, and discussing some solutions before searching. Cultural institutions and NGOs will form the advisory council. Provide information about cultures, Cultural economic development information for development.

  • Recognition United Cultures International Court of Justice Cultural Affairs (UC-ICCJ) The establishment of the United Cultures International Court of Cultural Affairs in cooperation with lawyers and the International Court in The Hague and Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalize War,; United Cultures will cooperate with the International Criminal Court in The Hague and Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalize War,. Together they will set up various treaties. In order to be a member of United Cultures country must recognize that treaties will endorse and sign. The tolerated cultural diversity recognized and guaranteed and persons liable if cultures facing each other are put or wars are prepared and final created.

  • Recognition United Cultures Security Council (UC-SC) The United Cultures Security: a cultural mediator in conflicts in collaboration with governments, cultural groups and the United Nations. United Cultures will act as mediator between cultures that are in conflict with each other. The projects and events of United Cultures include and exploit enormous opportunities to mix and harmonize differences and together make it possible to develop into a worldwide fame for United Cultures.

  • Recognition United Cultures International health Organization (UC-IHO) International health organization will be engaged in several projects to explore in health. International health organization will be based in Switzerland. International health organization will have teams in organization, management and coordination to support dissemination. Correct health physicians and volunteers World Wide United Cultures International healthcare organization will the United Cultures International heal Organization to provide medicinal in every field and have every cultures in country to have healthcare in country and region.

  • Recognition the United Cultures Resources Economic Investments Bank (UC-REIB) The establishment of the United Cultures Cultural Economic Investment Bank in collaboration with governments , banks and cultural interest ; Members of United Cultures will pay a membership fee depending on the health standard of the individual country and the financial possibilities . A large part of this contribution will go to the United Cultures Cultural Economic Investment Bank United Cultures to encourage projects and events in the World, Of course, these projects include goals and opportunities to bring about change to mix cultures to bridge differences and develop a world Wide understanding. United Cultures s Cultural economic Investment Bank and invest in it to develop economic projects for the culture of their country and regions.

  • Support United Cultures Federation Political Parties (UC-FPP) United Cultures Federation Political Party will act as our lobby in each country to ensure that United Cultures Political Party Federation is supported by governments. And to support new initiatives to support their country and region with the support of governments, political parties in country and region.
    Support UC-International Scientific Platform (UC-ISP) United Cultures International Scientific Platform for different cultures, social and scientific knowledge to sharing in country and region.


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