UC World Economic Platform Berlin 2019

2019 the second network event: the United Cultures World Economic platform. Will be organized in Berlin (Germany). Locations: 7 big cities in Germany.

To reach its goals the United Cultures Foundation develops a platform in which all cultures, member states and territories are united with each other. We call it the United Cultures World Economic Platform.

Every five years United Cultures™ World Economic Platform will be organized.

This will be accomplished between 2019 and 2023. It will be a world economic, educative and cultural event to boost the economy of the United Cultures member states and to create jobs by developing worldwide projects.

The first United Cultures World Economic Platform will start in 2019 and will be organized with a member state.

The participation of the member state is related to the application of the United Cultures Chart. Compliance with the chart means potential candidates can develop a number of projects related to any number of member states during the award period. The next qualifying rounds of the United Cultures World Economical Awards will take place in 2024, 2029 and 2033.

The United Cultures centers, foundations, associations, institutions, businesses, events, economic projects and cultural products will work together with members of the United Cultures World Economic Platform to realize the cultural government. The focus is to obtain the necessary licenses in 2019 and to operate with the seven pillars of the cultural government.


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