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Network Events Amsterdam Netherlands


    Our network events for the coming months are: Amsterdam Netherlands. Invited guests; Cultural creative industry, financial world, subcultures, expats, designers, event organizations, Product makers.

    At this first United Cultures network event we are going to ask designers and artist more specifically to work inside our theme, to create something new for United Cultures Trade Show we want to connect designers from different cultures to develop a cultural Product that United Cultures foundation can produce and sell them to warehouses.

    Each network event we have a new theme in; -Cultures -Technology-Health-Religion-Security-Economy-Education-Science-Politics

  • Presentation of the United Cultures government worldwide organization in Geneva United Cultures Foundation, Association, Cooperative, holding group B.V. Work companies, investments B.V. , productions B.V., media B.V. events, Trade Show B.V. , World Economic Platform B.V., Awards B.V. Economical projects Centers B.V. , Villages B.V. , Cities B.V. and products for each country
  • Presentation of the 269 United Cultures Centers, 1 Global Head Quarters in member states or regions.
  • Presentation of the construction of new 8 Head Office Continents.
  • Presentation of the construction of new cities every five years
  • To set up the organization, Boards members, Directors, Managers, Trade Show organizations, designers, products developers, Funds

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