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Conference Paris France Europe

Press Conference Paris (France).

Location: Grand-Palais, press conference in 2019 invited at least 269 nations organized by Member states.

Presentation of the 7 disciplines of the United Cultures government worldwide organization in Geneva. Hiring 22.000+ personal staff the next five years to run the organization.
Presentation of the 7 PILLARS
Presentation of the United Cultures government worldwide organization in Geneva: United Cultures Foundation, Association, Cooperative. Holding Group Ltd. Work companies: Investments Ltd., Productions Ltd., media Ltd. Events: Trade Show Ltd., World Economic Platform Ltd., Awards Ltd. Economical projects: Centers Ltd. , Villages Ltd., Cities Ltd. and products for each country
Presentation of the 269 United Cultures Centers, 1 Global Head Quarters in member states or regions.
Presentation of the construction of new 8 Head Office Continents.
Presentation of the construction of new cities every five years
Presentation of 269 economical projects for the next five years
Presentation of the representatives of each culture and member states including their projects.
Presentation of the first United Cultures Health Resorts Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina) and Casablanca (Morocco).
Presentation of cultural products.
Presentation of the Events: the trade shows Marrakech, the world economic platform Berlin, the awards Paris in the cities, the member states and the world events.
Presentation of the City Events United Cultures trade show.
Representing of 92 nations joining in 2019 in Marrakech
Presenting countries and areas where we will build factories or set up economical projects.
Presentation of 644 designers and their products for 1 week during United Cultures Trade Show Marrakech.
Presentation of 322 hopes couture cultural products.
Presentation of 644 factories in world.
Presentation of the products from the designers.
Presentation of factories developed in different areas of member states and regions.

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