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UC Trade Show Marrakech 2019

The first network event of the United Cultures Trades Show in 2019. Duration: 1 week. Location: Marrakech City  in Morocco with 92 nations.

  • Launching the 92 nations of the United Cultures in Marrakech 2019.
  • Presentation 644 Designers for 1 week United Cultures Trade Show Marrakech.
  • Making protocols for the products of the 644 designers and 322 United Cultures (for the Hope Couture and Prêt a Porter lines)
  • Launching factories to develop in different areas, regions and member states.
  • Presentation of the United Cultures Stores. 

The plan 2019-2023 of the United Cultures Trade Show will present the program for the next five years. The plans of the United Cultures Trade Show encourage economic activities due to their capacity for new initiatives and collaborations. This will allow products that will connect cultures in member states.

Furthermore, United Cultures Trade Show will have a corporate social responsibility.

We are looking for new market opportunities, for growth and innovation with profit for the people as well as the society and the environment. The United Cultures Trade Show values that NGO’s undertake partnerships. This is important for the social debate, for the health of the society and for the creativity in the economy.

The plan is to create opportunities through events and to bring all cultures closer together. The composition of the program involves the creative sector as an important factor. Whether it be architecture, media, fashion or design. With their qualities the creative makers will contribute to a better world, aware of the societal challenges and open for changes. These changes will give people and cultures a sense of place and space, developed in a multicultural society.

Program plan 2019 United Cultures Hope Couture Line

The program plan 2019 of the United Cultures Hope Couture exists of the top segment of couturiers and designers from different member states, with their fashion concept of their cultures. The couturiers and designers of cultures have unique creations with a vision, choice of materials and inspiration. Creations for celebrities from the TV and showbiz, movie industry and business world. These unique creations will be shown during the fashion show in the United Cultures Trade Show 2017 in the Marrakech Morocco.

The United Cultures Trade Show is an international business fair for the fashion world. The economical platform for embassies, fashion designers, producers, retailers and fashion brands. This fair offers opportunities for innovation, economic development and entrepreneurship in the clothing industry.
UC Prêt-à-porter Line is the collection that couturiers and designers of different cultures design for a wider target group designs. Clothing, hats, bags, jewellery and shoes, are products that will be included in that collection. The couturiers will be present in the stands and will work on the UC Prêt-à-porter Line. The stands will have material present from the member states of origin, but also accessories and jewelry.

UC Prêt-à-porter Line wants to encourage the industry to develop materials with conscious fashion, from the profit and development of the material, to garment in the store. UC Prêt-à- porter Line is also an economical platform for better and cleaner produce for a fair price and fair working conditions. In addition, UC Prêt-à-porter Line is the platform for entrepreneurs in the fashion industry to produce consciously sustainable culturally themed products.

Several member states are investigating the possibilities for economic cooperation, to develop and support factories with the concepts of the UC Prêt-à-porter Line. This will create opportunities while giving answers to recent current events in this sector resulting in innovation of sustainable products and processes. Items with a fair price for labor in the clothing sector will not fail to be noticed. As well as the themes: safe working environment and ecology.

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