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United Cultures is developing a special museum in Florence Italy for the 1000 plus cultures. Further details will follow in draft version. According to the heritage and history of this city, known as the worldwide source of The Renaissance, we think this museum will make it possible to rewrite history. United Cultures Museum is the United Cultures wing which will be responsible for the promotion of 1000 plus cultures in 269 countries providing the right information. United Cultures Museum encourages the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics for Cultures using culture as the strong tool in socio-economic contribution while reducing poverty and fostering sustainable development across the globe. United cultures Museum will represent 1000 plus cultures across the globe including 269 countries and regions. The first United Cultures Museum the Global headquarters will be based and build in Florence Italy, every new build United Cultures; Centers, Health Resorts, Cities worldwide will have a United Cultures Museum department. United cultures Museum will have in every country, continents a base and will be working with the private sector, universities, ngo’s, companies, embassies, educational & cultural institutions, organizations, representative of cultures, and top artist of cultures, museum associations and local cultures authorities. In order to achieve our objectives we have to do our first step is develop the United Cultures Museum 1000 plus cultures project-plan.

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