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In the United Cultures City, all Ministers of Culture and representatives of the 269 member states and regions will be representing their cultures. The creative economy of the 269 member states or regions will be classified in a country or region street in the United Cultures City.

United Cultures street will have museum, location for the ministry of culture, warehouse to show resources and products, business and education center, cultural university (culture, health, technology and other studies) restaurant, lunchroom etc. United Cultures City you get to see a close-up of the intense cultural feeling and experience within such a small city circle.

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Villages will manage the centres in continents. This village will have 7 pillars build in site of it Continents Ministries and representatives of the continents states and regions will be representing in Villags ccelerating innovation for a sustainable future. Solving the world’s largest challenges requires radically new connections. Combinations of technologies that were never linked before, or innovation partnerships between unlikely partners. These connections lead to radical innovations, for example to cars powering homes, people producing their own drinking water, and buildings becoming computers. While the ideas may be inspiring, the development and implementation of these innovations are extremely complex. Questions arise on various topics, and they are closely connected: technology (how to make it work?), business models (how to make it economically attractive?), public interest (what are society’s opportunities and concerns?), and regulation (if society wants this, how can we allow it?).

We will build 6 villages in   6 continents .

  • United Cultures Continent Africa
  • United Cultures Continent Asia
  • United Cultures Continent North and Central America
  • United Cultures Continent South America
  • United Cultures Continent Oceania
  • United Cultures Continent Europe

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The United Cultures Center per member state will be as follows:

The United Cultures will have its global headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The first United Cultures Continent Europe Head Office will be located in Brussels, Belgium. The pilot as a franchise of the United Cultures Europe Head Office will take place in 9 member states: The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, Italy, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arbia and France. The United Cultures Continent Europe will be the blueprint for the implementation of the 6 continents of the United Cultures World Economic Platform.

The continents are:

  • United Cultures Continent Africa
  • United Cultures Continent Asia
  • United Cultures Continent North and Central America
  • United Cultures Continent South America
  • United Cultures Continent Oceania
  • United Cultures Continent Europe

In 2019 all the United Cultures Continents will have headquarters with its United Cultures Center where meetings of member states and territories of cultures can take place.

The United Cultures Center per country will be equipped as follows:

 A separate reception for all cultures per member state or region, and a meeting room for culture representatives from different member states, as they will be the Board of the United Cultures Organization. We also hope to involve some former Ministers of Culture and Economy.

Departments will monitor economic, educational and cultural developments.

Separate rooms for presentations and performances.

Production offices: work offices and online studios, in order to plan and work on the projects.

Large space for a restaurant and art hall; for both the employees as well as the general public, in order to taste the different cultures and their Art. Top chefs from home and abroad will be the taste producers of this restaurant. The intention is to utilize these restaurants in collaboration with the catering schools in a member states or regions.

United Cultures Centers

United Cultures companies and foundation:

  • United Cultures Center industry
  • United Cultures Foundation industry
  • United Cultures Group industry
  • United Cultures Investments industry
  • United Cultures Productions industry
  • United Cultures Multimedia industry


United Cultures World Economic Platform industry
United Cultures Trade Show industry
United Cultures Awards industry 
Economic projects and products:

  • United Cultures City
  • United Cultures Hotel Wellness Rehab Clinic
  • United Cultures factories
  • United Cultures products

By 2019 there will be 269 United Cultures Centers managed by the head offices of the United Cultures Continents, to get approvals of the Global Headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland. The United Cultures Center where meetings of member states, regions and cultures can take place, where Ministries of Culture per member state, region or culture will be represented, where NGO’s, cultural institutions, universities, companies, artists and performers, organizations and scientists can meet and organize meetings. The United Cultures Center will also have an Institute in place where research can take place in the fields of art, multimedia, fashion, technology, culture, sports, music, design and organizations in the fields of culture, health, religion, economy, education, security, justice, science and politics. The United Cultures Center contains a library, online culture search engine, public exhibition space and a world cuisine with international top chefs.

  • United Cultures Cultural Government Cultural Board
  • United in the United Cultures World Economic Platform
  • The cultural government for cultures worldwide
  • H.Q. 1 Global United Cultures HQ GENEVA
  • H.O. 6 United Culture Centers Continents HO
  • H.O. 269 UC Centers in member states and regions

The United Cultures Centers Continents will represent member states affiliated with the United Cultures World Economic Platform. The United Cultures Centers Continents together with the

United Cultures member states, develop projects for different cultures and territories. These projects have themes related to: culture, health, religion, economy, education, science and politics.

These cultural identities are: centers, foundations, associations, institutions, companies, events, economical projects and additional cultural products. United Cultures Centers Continents have the United Cultures Foundations branches to initiate projects. For the implementation of the projects as well as the development of the investments, the United Cultures Foundation continents branches will have the United Cultures Group as world partner.

Connecting the headquarters of the continents with projects worldwide. The United Cultures Center World Headquarters is located in Geneva (Switzerland), followed by The Hague (Netherlands), Paris (France), Belgium (Brussels) and Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina).

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United Cultures Media operates from an ideology that is committed to equality and worldwide. In all media communications this theme will appear.  The aim is to cross the national borders, the cultural similarities and make the differences between cultures visible. Only when these are visible, we will get the opportunity to work on it. This will give space and diversity in the discussions between different cultures. We are convinced that this space will result in all cultures connecting with each other. Nowadays the worldwide media exercises have a huge influence on politics, society and daily life of people. How global developments are exposed, has a huge impact on the way people, organizations and political institutions relate to each other. To retain this balance, United Cultures Media helps cultures to connect with each other, understand and respect each other. This topic has the highest priority on the political agenda of all member states. Many people support this vision, together with a growing number of international institutions and companies. The United Cultures Media wants to be the stimulator and the initiator of this understanding towards each other. It wants to be part of this development and the pilot of a network with creative media makers worldwide. The United Cultures Media wants to show that diversity of cultures makes society stronger and richer. It is designated as the umbrella media entity, where new media ideas come together and work together within the United Cultures projects.

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The United Cultures Productions is a “project office” (central control group) for all events and projects initiated by the United Cultures worldwide. United Cultures Productions has the ambition to put herself on the map worldwide by positioning herself in different member states. This will take place through outsourcing the events to acknowledged event organizers, to make sure that the performances get the international appeal and image using high standards.

 The United Cultures Productions is also a platform where professionals can apply for jobs in different United Cultures projects in the fields of: media, culture, fashion and beauty, economics, education, science, politics and technology. The United Cultures Recruitment department will make this possible and will be online as well.

The United Cultures Productions wants to represent itself as the market leader in the cultural entertainment and media industry in member states or regions.

 The added value of the United Cultures Productions is the knowledge and the experience to organize various intercultural events, in which respect and values of cultures is leading as a source of inspiration to produce top events. The United Cultures Productions distinguishes itself in this area and wants to be a great importance worldwide.

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United Cultures Investments: the company with its investors will manage sustainable projects to achieve peace, understanding and economic independency within conflicting cultures in member states.

To achieve its goals United Cultures Investments will invest in:

- sustainable projects in the fields of art, culture, sports, music, design, media, fashion, beauty, economy, education, science, politics and technology in the broadest sense of the word.

The United Cultures Investments has the aim to interest investors, sponsors, governments and other potential shareholders to participate in the projects of the United Cultures. Together we will work towards a long lasting relationship with its partners in order to achieve our objectives. The purpose is to build a strong, financial and solid international organization.

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The United Cultures Group a holdings with several companies used to serve the United Cultures Government. It has developed formats on a world scale within the framework of the objectives of the United Cultures Government.

 The United Cultures Group manages the United Cultures license. New companies obtain the approval and licensing of the United Cultures Group.

 The United Cultures Group is the commercial branch of the United Cultures Government. It establishes and organizes cultural and sustainable projects.

After approval of the United Cultures Group the operating companies will be asked to invest. The field is the world. The partners, the target groups and the public are situated in all member states.

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The United Cultures Cooperative was created around 1000 + cultures. United Cultures develop various cultural projects by country or region. Every cultural project is offered in crowdfunding platform of United Cultures Investments business.

United Cultures Cooperative projects will play an important role in the economic emancipation of cultures. United Cultures through cooperative projects cultures unite and reach common goals that would have been inaccessible to every individual, particularly in the area of investments. Globally we operate at the moment.

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