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United Cultures Association is designed to recruit members (embassies, businesses, cultural institutions, culture representatives, organizations, artists, cultures, NGOs and universities). These members will work with United Cultures develop and launch various economic projects. There are different memberships, each member partnership is made and adapted by member. Points to apply to embassies:

  • United Cultures builds with the land developers and a United Cultures Center to represent all cultures in that country.
  • United Cultures Center organizes three events: United Cultures trade show, United Cultures World Economic Platform (Continent & Countries) and United Cultures awards in the country which is a member of United Cultures.
  • United Cultures Center is working with different cultures and countries, economic projects, which all cultures of that country in the context of intercultural dialogue represented.
    Winning the United Cultures City.
  • Participation in the United Cultures World Economic Platform Event to qualify to come from a quantity to win economic projects for the next five years. This will be together with the country or region that the United Cultures World Economic Platform wins and United Cultures Organization organized.
  • National and global media campaign on radio, TV, news and internet.

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