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United Cultures Media operates from an ideology that is committed to equality and worldwide. In all media communications this theme will appear.  The aim is to cross the national borders, the cultural similarities and make the differences between cultures visible. Only when these are visible, we will get the opportunity to work on it. This will give space and diversity in the discussions between different cultures. We are convinced that this space will result in all cultures connecting with each other. Nowadays the worldwide media exercises have a huge influence on politics, society and daily life of people. How global developments are exposed, has a huge impact on the way people, organizations and political institutions relate to each other. To retain this balance, United Cultures Media helps cultures to connect with each other, understand and respect each other. This topic has the highest priority on the political agenda of all member states. Many people support this vision, together with a growing number of international institutions and companies. The United Cultures Media wants to be the stimulator and the initiator of this understanding towards each other. It wants to be part of this development and the pilot of a network with creative media makers worldwide. The United Cultures Media wants to show that diversity of cultures makes society stronger and richer. It is designated as the umbrella media entity, where new media ideas come together and work together within the United Cultures projects.

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