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The United Cultures Productions is a “project office” (central control group) for all events and projects initiated by the United Cultures worldwide. United Cultures Productions has the ambition to put herself on the map worldwide by positioning herself in different member states. This will take place through outsourcing the events to acknowledged event organizers, to make sure that the performances get the international appeal and image using high standards.

 The United Cultures Productions is also a platform where professionals can apply for jobs in different United Cultures projects in the fields of: media, culture, fashion and beauty, economics, education, science, politics and technology. The United Cultures Recruitment department will make this possible and will be online as well.

The United Cultures Productions wants to represent itself as the market leader in the cultural entertainment and media industry in member states or regions.

 The added value of the United Cultures Productions is the knowledge and the experience to organize various intercultural events, in which respect and values of cultures is leading as a source of inspiration to produce top events. The United Cultures Productions distinguishes itself in this area and wants to be a great importance worldwide.

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