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Villages will manage the centres in continents. This village will have 7 pillars build in site of it Continents Ministries and representatives of the continents states and regions will be representing in Villags ccelerating innovation for a sustainable future. Solving the world’s largest challenges requires radically new connections. Combinations of technologies that were never linked before, or innovation partnerships between unlikely partners. These connections lead to radical innovations, for example to cars powering homes, people producing their own drinking water, and buildings becoming computers. While the ideas may be inspiring, the development and implementation of these innovations are extremely complex. Questions arise on various topics, and they are closely connected: technology (how to make it work?), business models (how to make it economically attractive?), public interest (what are society’s opportunities and concerns?), and regulation (if society wants this, how can we allow it?).

We will build 6 villages in   6 continents .

  • United Cultures Continent Africa
  • United Cultures Continent Asia
  • United Cultures Continent North and Central America
  • United Cultures Continent South America
  • United Cultures Continent Oceania
  • United Cultures Continent Europe

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