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Blogs and Vlogs


United Cultures blog is informative and educational. Its subject will be issues in Designers, Economy, security, health, Education, technology enz. The distinct ways that people living in different parts of the world classify and represent their experiences through Cultures. United Cultures blog is intended for all cultures Jong and old. They have an average income and speak multiple languages. Their primary interest is cultures and they live everywhere on earth. United Cultures blog doesn’t know any kind of boundaries. The target group consists of all cultures in world who follow multiple blogs and do so multiple times a day. They are looking for new information that cannot be found everywhere. They are also willing to contribute actively by replenishing the blog content and would like to participate in competitions.


United Cultures video vlog will be develop for 1000 plus cultures with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts. United Cultures video vlog will have integrated 1000 plus cultures vlog for automatic aggregation and playback on mobile devices and personal computers

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United Cultures news section on the main page serves to direct readers to cultural articles that have been substantially updated to reflect recent or current events of wide interest the quality of the updated cultural content and the significance of the developments described in the updated content.

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United Cultures Design department will design and communication solutions to the culture and social issues cause misunderstandings between peoples and cultures. Design and communication as wagering to peoples around the world connect with each other and their cultural wealth.  United Cultures Design department accumulated knowledge and experience to use cultural diversity as added value in society to harmonize.   The disciplines are in an open space where creatives inspire each other. This results in seamless integration in which man and environment is paramount. Profile UC Design department gives shape to graphic design and interactive media, interior design and architecture. Graphic design: logos, corporate identity, brochures, books, newsletters and websites Interactive media: Visual design of websites, app, eBooks. Viral media concepts and social media. Architecture: concepts and designs for the man in a sustainable living environment. Interior Design: design for premises, stands and Museum exhibitions. What This works UC Design department into a particular design with its own identity. 

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United Cultures Radio want people from all over the world in touch with all the beautiful musical styles and genres of the world. We want the pop music of Mongolia to the people of Peru and the urban music of Rio at the children of Moscow. But we also want to convince people from all over the world of wealth, the power and beauty of these different types of music. We want to combat prejudices and ensure an open mind. We hope that if people enjoy other people's music, they also will get respect for these people, their habits, their beliefs and their use. United Cultures Radio aims to perhaps the greatest audience imaginable: all the inhabitants of this earth who have access to a computer or a smartphone. Of children in Shanghai to the elderly in Rio. But most of all adults worldwide who are interested in the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants. Usually well-educated and prosperous people. It is important that there not only is Radio United Cultures for white listeners who enjoy world music, but also for black people who enjoy the music of other (black) people. Music of subcultures and cultural minorities

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United Cultures News broadcasting is the medium of broadcasting of various cultural news events and other information via television or online TV in the field of broadcast cultural journalism. The cultural content is usually either produced locally, regionally or country and send to television studio newsroom from United Cultures News broadcasting network. It may also include additional material such as sports coverage, weather forecasts, traffic reports, commentary and other material that the broadcaster feels is relevant to their cultures audience.

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The goal of the United Cultures technologies takes are making a portal for 1000 cultures. This allows the target groups 1000 plus cultures in world to be reached. United Cultures technologies is responsible for having the portal translated in all languages in the world. United Cultures Portal will develop electronic versions of communication for Online Store, Magazines, Brochures, Community, Email box, Blog, Vlog, Mobile App. (Chat, Calling, and video calling) concepts, development of channels Online TV, Radio, Tube and News channel. University (E-learning), United Search Engine, library, Crowd Finding platform, Call Center and existing and new groups of social media. United Cultures Portal will develop Interior designs for office worldwide. Architecture Center, villages, and cities we going to build. United Cultures Portal will develop  will develop Platforms that universities, NGO's, companies, culture institutions, organization, representative of cultures and artist representative of culture can work online. Stock market and credit rating software for countries who will join our organization. Cryptocurrency and a digital payment system for countries who will join our organization. Artificial intelligence software for countries who will join our organization. Encryption email software for countries who will join our organization. United Cultures technologies is also responsible for the server hardware and software and mail handling of the holding company, its subsidiaries and the foundations. Let's develop with 3 or more countries the United Cultures portal, we can apply subsidies per country, continents like the European Union and world subsidies if we connect 3 more countries together to make a product. United Cultures Foundation wants to develop a United Cultures Foundation portal, this portal will be for 1000 plus cultures living in the world to connect with more than 100 million people around the world. We need to make the ICT  Architecture designs for the United Cultures Portal, United Cultures Portal needs to develop in steps.

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United Cultures Online community platform all cultures can offer us different projects via the online community. Embassies, universities, NGOs, culture institutions, top artists and organizations can adopt different projects via online community platform, which then again different target groups in the middle class of any cultures together. United Cultures Community will this platform for Cultural Affairs and a network for the exchange of knowledge across cultures. This supports the vision of United Cultures by a basis for cultural understanding, knowledge and is a place for discussion and connection between people from different cultures. United Cultures focuses on art, multimedia, fashion, technology, culture, sports, music, and design and in organizations in the field of culture, health, religion, economy, education, security, justice, science, politics and sustainable initiatives for the international community. Different methods, skills and competency development, which in the past have proved successful, effective and are applied in these projects. The organization acts as a convenient network and knowledge portal to build a united cultural infrastructure, serving large parts of the world's population. In addition, United Cultures aims to a certain extent to the same purpose as the United Nations, namely the achievement of world peace. United Cultures has been making use of existing digital networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc.). United Cultures will also use its own medium online, news, tv, radio channel and the United Cultures magazine online. United Cultures will also become part of an international digital portal of cultural and scientific projects and institutions. United Cultures involves representatives of cultures, universities and academies, Ministers of Culture, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and NGOs in this.

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