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United Cultures Online community platform all cultures can offer us different projects via the online community. Embassies, universities, NGOs, culture institutions, top artists and organizations can adopt different projects via online community platform, which then again different target groups in the middle class of any cultures together. United Cultures Community will this platform for Cultural Affairs and a network for the exchange of knowledge across cultures. This supports the vision of United Cultures by a basis for cultural understanding, knowledge and is a place for discussion and connection between people from different cultures. United Cultures focuses on art, multimedia, fashion, technology, culture, sports, music, and design and in organizations in the field of culture, health, religion, economy, education, security, justice, science, politics and sustainable initiatives for the international community. Different methods, skills and competency development, which in the past have proved successful, effective and are applied in these projects. The organization acts as a convenient network and knowledge portal to build a united cultural infrastructure, serving large parts of the world's population. In addition, United Cultures aims to a certain extent to the same purpose as the United Nations, namely the achievement of world peace. United Cultures has been making use of existing digital networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc.). United Cultures will also use its own medium online, news, tv, radio channel and the United Cultures magazine online. United Cultures will also become part of an international digital portal of cultural and scientific projects and institutions. United Cultures involves representatives of cultures, universities and academies, Ministers of Culture, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and NGOs in this.

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