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United Cultures Radio want people from all over the world in touch with all the beautiful musical styles and genres of the world. We want the pop music of Mongolia to the people of Peru and the urban music of Rio at the children of Moscow. But we also want to convince people from all over the world of wealth, the power and beauty of these different types of music. We want to combat prejudices and ensure an open mind. We hope that if people enjoy other people's music, they also will get respect for these people, their habits, their beliefs and their use. United Cultures Radio aims to perhaps the greatest audience imaginable: all the inhabitants of this earth who have access to a computer or a smartphone. Of children in Shanghai to the elderly in Rio. But most of all adults worldwide who are interested in the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants. Usually well-educated and prosperous people. It is important that there not only is Radio United Cultures for white listeners who enjoy world music, but also for black people who enjoy the music of other (black) people. Music of subcultures and cultural minorities

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