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The goal of the United Cultures technologies takes are making a portal for 1000 cultures. This allows the target groups 1000 plus cultures in world to be reached. United Cultures technologies is responsible for having the portal translated in all languages in the world. United Cultures Portal will develop electronic versions of communication for Online Store, Magazines, Brochures, Community, Email box, Blog, Vlog, Mobile App. (Chat, Calling, and video calling) concepts, development of channels Online TV, Radio, Tube and News channel. University (E-learning), United Search Engine, library, Crowd Finding platform, Call Center and existing and new groups of social media. United Cultures Portal will develop Interior designs for office worldwide. Architecture Center, villages, and cities we going to build. United Cultures Portal will develop  will develop Platforms that universities, NGO's, companies, culture institutions, organization, representative of cultures and artist representative of culture can work online. Stock market and credit rating software for countries who will join our organization. Cryptocurrency and a digital payment system for countries who will join our organization. Artificial intelligence software for countries who will join our organization. Encryption email software for countries who will join our organization. United Cultures technologies is also responsible for the server hardware and software and mail handling of the holding company, its subsidiaries and the foundations. Let's develop with 3 or more countries the United Cultures portal, we can apply subsidies per country, continents like the European Union and world subsidies if we connect 3 more countries together to make a product. United Cultures Foundation wants to develop a United Cultures Foundation portal, this portal will be for 1000 plus cultures living in the world to connect with more than 100 million people around the world. We need to make the ICT  Architecture designs for the United Cultures Portal, United Cultures Portal needs to develop in steps.

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